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August 28, 2013


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Yes, I actually have to place trigger warnings in a journal about My Little Pony. Go figure. But this is really ridiculous, and it doesn't take "Social Justice", nor "real life" activism, to label this as wrong.

Today my fandom taught me that if a 17-year-old survivor voices their discomfort over pony artists making rape "sexy", it is a largely acceptable response to harass them to silence using rape memes and very graphic art of their OC being brutally raped. It is also widely acceptable to file it away as teh "feminazis" and teh "SJWs".

Actually, no. Today I learned that there is a percentage of my fandom that are steaming piles of cowardly anonymous shit. I will now recap what my fiance had to say about the Down With Molestia backlash on his journal… :

"You know, something that gets me every time I see it: the feminist bashing within the MLP fandom, particularly the splendid gents that crawled from under the rocks in this entire Down With Molestia awareness campaign.

Fucking feminists, you said. Feminazis, you spat. 

Lauren Faust is a feminist. The one whose coattails you're riding is proudly what you shit on every time someone dares rain on your dudebro parade.

Lauren Faust is a feminist, and feminist ideals are what made generation 4 everything you love. 

But you guys don't want to consider that. Maybe she isn't a feminist now, I saw one poor soul try to reason. It seems to be too much for your sweaty little minds to wrap around, that feminist ideals can lead to something so wonderful. You find rape porn and underage horse porn is so much more rewarding. You think racism is cool. You think homophobia and transphobia are neat. It seems like it's easier for you to delude yourselves into thinking somehow, Lauren doesn't mind that not even her own OC is safe from your lack of self-control. Or when she is, you fucking turned it into a dudebro pity party of being oppressed because you made porn of her personal OC and expected her to be okeydoke with it. Or worse, someone said she should take it as a compliment.

Rape culture is about the mens problems, one of you said. Everyone takes rape seriously, said another. That's why rape makes such a good threat for you to make anonymously, amirite?

Lauren Faust is a feminist. She would be, and has been, disgusted by those of you who took what she worked hard to fight against and twisted it into a gross sexual power trip anyway. 

It isn't all of you. The bronies who actually live up to the ideals of the show are the ones she praises. The good folks we met at Bronycon are the ones she praises. Not you Internet tough guys, who abuse the shit out of a 17-year old rape survivor. You're everything wrong with this fandom and humanity in general. You're the ones that give us a bad name, and I am sick of seeing the fandom sweep you under the rug when you act out. It's time you got unilaterally called the scumstains you are.

Be a REAL tough guy. Tell the creator of your obsession you stalked and drew rape porn to bully a 17-year-old girl into silence. Tell Nicole Oliver you stalked and drew rape porn of a 17-year-old girl to show her the Molestia meme is all about freedom of speech, not a good measuring stick as to what a cesspool of the species you are. Go on, I dare you. Stand up for your vaunted ideals, both of THEM spoke against it too, you know. Go on. You just don't want to hear it, because they would have the same reaction as the rest of the decent side of this fandom. 

They would call you fucking sick.

By the way, how's the social work going for you guys who tried to discredit her because you said she did none? Have you donated to RAINN yet? 


Now. I am saddened that someone thought to call Pixelkitties a "rape apologist" instead of actually debating, however, I disagree that online activism has little merit. Online activism is still someone behind that keyboard giving a damn to speak out and try to change minds, minds that in real life have those same harmful attitudes. Online activism is the bed where the seeds of real-life activism can be sown. It could be the place some people feel safer speaking. There are any number of reasons, but it boils down to someone still cares to set something bad aside and say hey, this is bad, instead of being afraid to break the silence that too often keeps abusers safe and secure in their position, that silence that gives acceptance to more and more open abuse. You saw it at work in Steubenville, where even now, the focus is not "don't rape", but rather, "don't get caught". Or "those young men have lost their futures". Y'know. I mean, I know some of the dudebros claimed rape culture is not real, but it kiiiiiinda seems it is. Steubenville is just ONE example that this crime is not taken seriously. It's easy to find many other examples.

The internet is not a vacuum. We are the same people online and off. If anything, the internet is a distillation of our true natures.

And if the Molestia meme, which was around long before John Joseco, wasn't bad enough, the reactions of some of its defenders positively scream that yes, there is something wrong in our fandom, and yes, it almost seems that trivializing rape makes people think it's okay to throw it around as a show of FORCE to SILENCE A MINOR.

I've seen George Carlin brought up a lot as a defense of the Ask Princess Molestia blog. But like this article details… , there is a very big difference. His tone was against the perpetrator. Ask Princess Molestia would have you see her as this sexy, desirable thing. That is the difference between positively reinforcing the victim of a crime or exploiting them. I was deeply disappointed and disturbed by John Joseco's irresponsible "answer" to the legitimate concerns at the core of Down With Molestia, which was to make fun of those voicing them, inciting more of the "dudebros" Ian detailed in his post. It smacked of Tosh 2.0. I knew that con management would be responsible in limiting access to Molestia based works without a petition, but I honestly thought the creator would recognize the problematic content and address it thoughtfully. Hell, even Family Guy knew Quagmire was not a foundation for real entertainment.

This wasn't even the first time I've seen this attitude at work in the MLP Tumblr community. Both myself and :iconpeachiekeenie: have been subjected to threats of harm for daring to speak out on the subject, or been taunted. "RAPE RAPE RAPE! You're such a sissy. Grow up.", one anon said back then. Requests for Chrysalis to be raped or be a rapist in the askbox of Cupidite led to me closing off anonymous asks.

These people, who drew rape porn of a minor's OC in an attempt to bully her, are calling their Sarkeesian-esque cyber mob tactics a "win".

Do NOT let them call that kind of behavior a win. My Little Pony should be the LAST place a survivor feels unsafe. The Down With Molestia movement was disorganized, largely unplanned, but the core message is solid. Surivivors are not a punchline, or something to fetishize. Do not let that behavior and that vocal minority define our fandom when we can speak out that we will "love and tolerate" the right things. Our silence is their strength. It's time to make our voices the strongest of all.

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Ganondox Apr 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
HollowZero blocked me because he thought I came to defend Molestia, lol. Anyway, reading this again, one of the best journals on the topic. 
DarkDijinArtie89 Dec 29, 2013  Student General Artist
I stumbled upon this while browsing your gallery, and while it's probably too old for me to comment on (or just something you don't want to discuss anymore) but I thought I just might share what I personally feel about the issue.

It's really a kind of a "well, what do you expect on the internet" and "just how much lower can my faith in humanity go" type of situation. How so?

Remember where exactly most of these "bronies" have come from; 4chan, gaming forums, and a lot of other scum-holes and septic tanks of the world wide web. As racist and judgmental as this sounds, if you give a bunch of middle-upper class white males between the ages of 13-28 that happen to be totally spoiled deadbeats with massive egos an internet connection, you're going to get some of the most fucked up shit you've ever seen (for lack of a better word and idea). Rape, racism, harassment, and slander are all common and the only thing these guys are ever going to know. And the internet is only giving them even more power due to its animosity and easy access.

But I think the phrase that really stood out to me the most is this: "the internet doesn't exist in a vacuum..." Well, neither do fandoms and their fans either... And as one of those "freaky furry fetishists," I have heard a lot of different insults, as well as to be labeled dickless, a pussy, having "Jungle Fever", chubby chaser, fag, and being labeled as a welfare case. And even with so many years of study for being a Music Major and animator, people are quick to silence me the moment I bring up a truth about a particular gaming corporation, genre of music, or anything that's actually true about the entertainment industry as opposed to what garbage gets made on 4chan and reddit. But, I'm a minority because unlike most white males who grew up during the entire decade of the 90s, I was poor, abused, and I actually gave a rat's ass about getting to school... I didn't have mommy and daddy pampering me and plopping me down in front of the TV to watch cartoons and play video games all day... Granted, not all kids are like that, but if the concept of "Generation Me" is to be accepted, then that's what I can draw some conclusions on.

Even though Lauren Faust and I would disagree about a lot of things, I'm pretty sure her and I would be royally pissed about getting information about what's going on with the characters of MLP. I know my artwork isn't really something to come home about (sure, it's safe for work, but still, people probably won't like it), but I know darn good and well that Hasbro would never allow things like that to be marketed towards young children. Part of the reason why I was identifying with the "bronies" was because I believe that little boys had the right to play with "girls toys", be child-care providers, be stay-at-home dads, be teachers, and basically do and be things that society has labeled as being "for women only"... I'm not a "brony" though anymore, I just call myself either a "ponyfag" to shut up internet dwebs, or just simply "a guy who likes MLP", for I do not want a TV show that's supposed to be about friendship to become a sex and gore fest for a generation who's too stupid and intolerant to think outside of their own home country.
Aramaru Nov 1, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I've met some of the most skilled, amazing, kind and wonderful friends because of this fandom. But one thing I've noticed about virtually all of them? They're quiet. Shy, even. (and a certain yellow pony is obviously well-liked by them as well)

From my experience, people like that actually make up the majority of the fandom. But they're quiet about it, and certainly not vocal on things like this. So while it might appear that the trolls and parasites, who, honestly, exist in every fandom, seem to be more numerous here, that simply isn't true. It's just that they feel a need for attention, and in a show that's all about doing good unto others, they stand out even more than they would otherwise.

Don't let them drag you down to their level. I'd also say to not let their voices raise above your own, but you're already doing so, and I commend thee for that.

- Ask Littlepip on Tumblr, and someone who admires talent wherever it may bloom.
This is pretty much what I think of the situation, too.  Once you harass an underage rape victim because she complains about the fandom being saturated with rape jokes, you pretty much lose. :/

You and your boyfriend have both written some good things about this situation, so thanks for that.
While I'm all for awareness on this subject, it's hard for me to truely support a movement whose sole purpose is to destroy an internet joke based around rape. John Joseco's Molestia tumblr is probably the tamest that joke would ever get. It rarely goes beyond suggestive imagery and "LOL! She touched her/his no-no spot kinda off camera!". I like to think I'm on the sane part of the fandom when I say that Molestia, the meme, is not the problem, it's how she is portrayed and interpreted. Nobody protests political satire. What about the tv shows that constantly glorify violent and illegal activity? Either way, doing so would accomplish nothing except maybe get something removed until the next series appears on air. Sweeping them away is probably the best we can do right now. A ghetto of rape culture is all we can do. Granted that doesn't stop them from shouting over the fences, but at least the imagery is dissipated. Such is the way of the wild, wild web... and yes, those anonymorons are still idiots. That much we can agree on.
hollowzero Sep 3, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Number one, thanks so much for posting this. Whomever came out to defend Molestia, I've blocked on DA. SWEET RELIEF! :lol:

Number two, I agree with attempting to not "let them win", but I have no idea how this can be accomplished. A friend of mine actually left the FiM fandom because of this, and it hurts me terribly to see someone have to leave a fandom just because they're female and feel threatened.

Okay, doesn't just hurt me, but also makes me rage. Hardcore rage.
Ganondox Sep 3, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I guess the reason I've always been able to stomach Molestia as I've always just seen her as the antithesis to Celestia, a tyrant who is evil she just randomly rapes ponies. 
Ganondox Apr 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm not meaning to defend Molestia, I'm just saying in the past I tolerated her because I interpreted that character as being anti-sympathetic and thus not promoting rape culture. 
this is a good post and i'm glad people are continuing to speak out. thank you.
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